Monday, January 02, 2006

New Year's Resolutions

Some of these are probably repeats from prior years' resolutions, but here we go:
1. Get to my fighting weight.
2. Take a lover
3. Reduce the purchase of crap
4. Find a way out of the daily grind
5. Don't get so angry at bullshit - be more awesome
6. Avoid eating at "japanese" restarants not run by Japanese
7. Find a reason to wear the tuxedo this year
8. Embroider some old jeans or my jean jacket
9. Visit my friends in Vegas and eat at Ichiza and Bonito Michoacan

10. Visit the National Zoo and see the baby panda
11. Save up for another Brian Eliot raygun

12. Bike around Baltimore more.
13. Read more books
14. Consider my board re-certification
15. Go fishing

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