Thursday, December 29, 2005


Went to see Munich last night with my Simpsons Insanity buddy. I enjoyed it - it kind of went into the moral territory I expected, but that is a good thing. Ah. .Eric "Chopper" Bana - I enjoyed his performance except for a slightly goofy, sweaty, strobey "tortured" sex scene. Good supporting cast: Daniel "new bond" Craig, Mathieu "amelie" Kassowitz, Geoffrey Rush, and the guy who plays Caesar in HBO's Rome. Ironically, no Jews. Spielberg also plays off on modern events, dropping in an obligatory twin towers shot at the end. I wish all directors could put out two good movies per year like he has.
Also, I've noticed that Spielberg, in all of his most serious work shows boobs (a la Embeth Davidtz in the showers in Schindler's List which for me threw the tone of the moment off a bit- yeah, i'm a little lecherous). Tonight, Jesus Is Magic!

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