Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Booyakasha Bachelor in Paris

So, I am a little ashamed to admit, I do watch the Bachelor: Paris on ABC. However, last night embodied why I watch these shameful reality shows. The new bachelor, Travis who is an ER doctor from Nashville, was introduced to the prospective bachelorettes. One lady, Allie G (Respeck!), an oncologist, was a disaster from the beginning. She constantly went on about her biological clock, how her eggs were rotting away when she was concentrating more on her career, and that now she was ready for the next step. Of course, when she first talked to Travis, she said, "I am ready for the reproductive phase of my life."
At the first elimination, of course, Miss Allie G was not selected to receive a rose. Normally it would end there, but the wise producers followed her post-ceremony. She was obviously upset. She started to say that she had tried everything with no success: services, online, and now this reality show. She said it was typical of male doctors to reject her because she was too ambitious. She then went up to Travis and confronted him about why she was not picked: not being pretty, being short, having a small chest. A classic reality show breakdown that made everyone clearly feel uncomfortable. But made for good TV.

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len small said...

Howie, you're pretty, definitely not short, and you've got a HUGE chest. What are you worried about?