Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Monday Night TIVO Frenzy (or I need a life)

Mondays are now a solid block of romantic comedy, kick ass action, and guilty pleasure. I really need to get out more. The best part is 24, mainly because I get to see Mary Lynn Rajskub pout it out while also enjoying a guy get a pair of scissors slammed into his carotid. Also, hearing Sean Astin talk tough rather than, "Mister Frodo" over and over is a nice addition to this season.

How I Met My Mother might be my favorite new show this season. It's written by friends of the Verbler from American Dad and has story editor, Brenda Hseuh, who went to Dan's wedding and is my Chinese connection between Vegas and LA. Alsom the show has Willow from Buffy, Nick from Freaks & Geeks, and Doogie Howser. Last night, Ted might have met the girl of his dreams, the cakemaker at his friend's wedding. Corny, but great ending.

As a nightcap, and also comfirming that I am secretly a little girl, there is The Bachelor: Paris. This season, the women are all vying to become "a doctor's wife." Personally, the guy, Travis, is a tool - no surprise his buddies are orthopedic surgeons (the tools of medicine), he can't say Paris ("Paree") like the French do despite redirection from the locals, and he is hesitant to eat his escargot. But hey, he's ripped, so the ladies swoon. I'm watching because of my favorite bachelorette, Moana (the one on the right who looks like she is thinking, "whatever"). She's the most interesting because, unlike all the other women, she's not totally enamored by the bachelor like the other girls. Sure she's interested, but like most humans, she's not sure about him yet and wants to find out. Meanwhile, the other women deride poor Moana because they can't understand why she doesn't consider Dr. Stork to be the most perfect man in the world. I hope she makes it through the eliminations just so she can keep annoying all the future stepford wives (the original not the remake).

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