Sunday, January 08, 2006

Lindsay Weir Returns

So, I mentioned Linda Cardellini in my last post about the awful Grandma's Boy. Well, I decided to see Brokeback Mountain today, and BAM. . Lindsay Weir is back! In this movies she plays the sexy waitress who tries to pick up on the closeted gay Heath Ledger character.

Then, when looking for pics of her, I learn she was 25 years old when she was in Freaks and Geeks- wow, I completely bought that she was in high school.

How is Brokeback Mountain?
Well, I saw it at the Charles at a matinee. It was totally crowded: mostly older folks, many male couples, and your occasional movie nerd like myself. I would say it is a very Ang Lee film - unrequited love and tragedy. Heath Ledger is like the Chow Yun-Fat character in Crouching Tiger - he can not be with the one he loves. Movie was good, sad.
The gay audience was a little annoying. There is a scene when one of their wives catches the two cowboys kissing, and the audience responded all giggly when clearly the scene had a much more tragic undertone for all the characters.
From a pervo point of view, pleasantly surprised to see the girl from Princess Diaries get naked. From a shallow point of view, I hope my cool cowboy shirts will make me cool this upcoming season. Woo hoo- snaps.

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