Friday, January 20, 2006

Battlestar Galactica 2.13 - Epiphanies

Another great episode, this time looking internally into the fleet. Cylon sympathizers, domestic terrorism and sabotage, government ordered abortion, stem cell technology. . . crazy crazy. Although I admit Lost was slightly improved this week, Galactica still kicks Lost's frackin' ass especially in terms of actually advancing it's story. I love Baltar and his interactions with his mental Six and the actual Six cylon - he loves them both?!? oh, and the nuke!?! Wah!


Keith said...

I'm still watching the miniseries. Really good.

So - what did the COMPUTER select for you at celebmatch? That's what I wanna know - who's 100% on Howard's junk? Mine was Monica Seles. Love those Yugoslavian babies.

Kajbaj said...

I love Baltar.
But, this episode was a little 'meh' for me because of the damn Cylon-fetus-blood insta-cure. Stem cells, schmem cells, her 10 minute cancer cure was stupid.
But that's why I can't properly enjoy House, either, when they force me to suspend medical believability.
Lost has been not bad for a few episodes, I think.

1000yregg said...

(in a nasal voice) you should check the podcast with ron moore on the scifi channel site.