Saturday, January 14, 2006

Battlestar Galactica 2.12

Well, another week goes by when my feelings for a show are stronger than those for most people.
Resurrection Ship, Part 2 was really less of a conclusion than the start of an interesting direction for the show. Apollo's suicide attempt? 2 Battlestars under Adama? Roslin dying? Baltar's first real overt act on the side of the cylons (no longer in his head). The destruction of Resurrection and what it means in the fight vs. the Cylons? These issues are more important to me than that silly Alito hearing and Iran's nuclear program. Thank you, Sci-fi channel!


Kajbaj said...

It was pretty freaking awesome. I guess I assumed they have more Resurrection ships elsewhere - or was this the only one? I also like that they brought Admiral Cain back from 'pretty definitely evil' to more of a 'made wrong decisions under excruciating circumstances' mode before she offed it. I'm sorry she's gone.
No way Roslin's dying. That would pretty huevos-y to do.

1000yregg said...

don't know if there are more resurrection ships, but if not . . interesting developments for the cylons pursuing them and also the potential cylons on board the fleet. . .
Roslin look really sick in this last episode.