Monday, July 10, 2006

Camera Obscura and Georgie James at the Black Cat

Two nights in a row of Scottish twee pop music!
Last night I went to the Black Cat to see Scottish band Camera Obscura and DC locals Georgie James play. It was a good crowd for a Sunday night.
First off, Laura Burhenn of Georgie James is really hot!
Since the last time I saw them, they have written several new songs. I do like their poppy grooves and they have a lot of energy live. John Davis mentioned that they are
in the midst of recording tracks for an album release. I look forward to that. Some of their new songs were pretty good. Touring with Camera Obscura will definitely get them some more exposure across the country.

I loved Camera Obscura!
Their new record, "Let's Get Out of This Country" is currently getting a lot of iPod play for me, and I was really excited to see them live. They remind me of what I loved about early Belle & Sebastian. Lead singer, Tracyanne Campbell is a cutey- she's really tiny, and her voice is so beautiful.
The band has a really full sound live as well. When they did the title track, they threw in a few verses of "Call Me Al" by Paul Simon.
I had a great weekend of Scottish bands! Scotland's for me!


1000yregg said...

Even though I was far stage right, I still obstructed views. No one likes tall people at shows. An idea I had for my short cousin was to make her a box to stand on at shows in case of these situations:

InMyTree said...

Missed the show. If I had been there it would have been two tall people obstructing the views. I look at it this way, if you get there before me, you won't stand behind me.