Friday, July 28, 2006

Grindhouse Poster

As I mentioned from my Comic-con postings, I thought Grindhouse looked hilarious. Here's the first of 2 new posters for Rodriguez'a part, Planet Terror with Rose MacGowan and her machine gun prosthesis! Second one below.

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Slut with big tits said...

I offer an observation. John Carpenter, in the commentary to Escape from New York, constantly points out certain elements of the film that I think are the things Rodriguez/Tarantino are devoted to as endearing characteristics of 'b' cinema. Carpenter describes these things consistently as measures dictated by a limited budget, limited time. Doing this type of thing purposely, as a joke or reference or homage, strikes me as a massive blunder. They should just limit their own budget to $10 mil, no CG allowed, and they might actually capture the magic instead of bludgeoning it to death with a shit-shovel.