Thursday, July 13, 2006

Project Runway Season 3

It's been kind of dull in the land of reality show TV until last night when I couldn't wait to see the start of the third season of Project Runway.
First, the new cast is really promising - it's really diverse in terms of each designers' style and background, and I sense a lot of egos butting heads this season.
Menswear designer Keith (who won last night's challenge), LA coolster Jeffrey, British upper class twit Malan, and "ms. sophisticated" New Yorker Laura could never fit their egos in the same Atlas apartment. Barbie designer Robert and beauty pageant designer Kanye are certainly not ambiguously gay by any means.
I like the more soft spoken designers: snowboarder Katherine, crunchy guy Bradley, and cutie Alison (pictured).
I also think it's funny that one designer's name is Michael Knight.
Runway rules the summer because these people have a lot more talent than Big Brother All-Stars (I still love Howie- not just because of his name), and they don't over do it like the Rock Star Supernova contestants (too much man makeup and more posturing than Top Model - the show I love to hate).

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Verder said...

I am in love with Alison.
I hate the dude who won, because he was smoking in the loft.
The crazy society redhead with five kids is awesome, and her outfit was clearly the best and should have won.