Saturday, July 01, 2006

José González, Juana Molina, and Psapp at the Black Cat

Last night, I went to a great show at the Black Cat - I'm pretty sure it was sold out.
Opening was a group from the UK called Psapp.
They've been getting some notice for having their song "Cozy in the Rocket" being used as the theme song for "Gray's Anatomy". Their sound is a pop with electronics, violin, and toy instruments.
They put on an energetic show, and lead singer Galla's voice sounded great- nice and smooth. She threw out knitted cats to the audience after naming them - I liked "Tampon Legs" the best. They also said they did a taping for Pancake Mountain that afternoon.

The second artist was singer Juana Molina, a former TV star from Argentina, who sings music that combines acoustic guitar and electronics. She just released her third record, "Son", and it's really good. She also, for some odd reason, is being grouped into the "freak folk" crowd because she is collaborating with Devendra Banhart (idiotic NY Times!).
I enjoyed seeing her at Coachella in 2004, and, despite some problems with the soundboard guys who couldn't get rid of her feedback, she was even better last night. Her vocals were amazing despite technical difficulties.
Headlining was José González, a Swedish musician of Argentinian descent who plays classical guitar and sings with a nice tenor voice. He did his popular song "Heartbeats", and I liked that he closed his main set with a cover of Nick Drake's "In the Morning". His guitar playing style is very similar to Drake's anyway.

He definitely drew a very young crowd. Oh, and I think I pissed off this guy (link below) for being up in front. As a rebuttal, he chose to stand behind me as I was at my spot once the doors opened. Second, I like to move to the music (the erratic movements?), not stand like a statue during a good show. And lastly, if the guy was 5'11", he's breaking ranks with his preferred standing chart- he should have been 2 persons behind me. Also, he was clearly a nonfan of the opening acts, so he should have waited in the rear during their sets.
Addendum: In case the guy drops his blog again (see comments), here's the image he posted of me.

Here is his post (he has a tracker so just cut and paste- sorry- he also keeps changing his blog- so if the link is dead, sorry):


1000yregg said...

Well, looks like the link to the guy mad at me is down now. I think he took his whole blog down. Too bad.

1000yregg said...

I found the guy again. He used to be the amoraledictorian. Hopefully the link will stay unchanged.

TOP said...

I checked that site out...and although I have to say the picture is hilarious, I'm with you a 100%. Simple concert etiquette: First come, first serve. Get there early, claim your real estate fairly, and if you don't like standing behind somebody that is taller than you, show up earlier. We know this more than many...inmytree is pushing 6'7".

1000yregg said...

well, it looks like he deleted his blog.

1000yregg said...

found him again- this is his third blog change.