Friday, July 21, 2006

The Perils of Comic-con

No, it's not any real physical danger because the lightsabers are all toys. For females, it's not getting stuck in a long line at the ladies' room. The true peril of Comic-con is the temptations on any nerd with money.Comic-con centers on an enormous exhibition hall that must be at least 3 or 4 football fields long, mainly with people with something to sell from the next French animated feature Renaissance which looks really cool to limited edition of whatever.
Here are some of the more interesting items that are available to part a nerd and his money.
The most expensive item is probably the one up top - the Mach 5. For $25 thousand, you can drive away in an actual Mach 5. I'm not sure if Chim Chim and Spridel are in the trunk though.
Several of my friends already have pre-ordered their Master Replicas version of the Starship Enterprise. It looks really cool- with glowing nacelles that have spinning colors to lights along the ship's hull, it will set you back about $1300.
Many of my friends were debating about the Master Replicas Millenium Falcon which is probably going to be priced about $2000.
Another company, Sideshow Collectibles, makes very realistic and detailed action figures that you probably don't want your kid (chronological age that is) to play with. Hmmm, where to put my 3 foot Jabba the Hutt? I liked their Predator and Aliens series - you can have a whole tribe of predators fighting all the colonial marines. They also had Tony Montana, KISS, an ED-209, Buffy and Angel figures, and Universal Monsters.
My recent favorite stuff has been the more weird artist driven figure market that exists now. Many of the guys come from Graffiti or lowbrow art scenes, and several companies that started with Medicom and Bearbricks enlist these artists to create cool art toys.
My friend, Brooklen, left me a message yesterday that a friend of his, Abe Lincoln, Jr. had a figure available (see bottom).
via Kid Robot.
It's part of a series called Dunny. The hook is you buy a box not knowing what figure you might get, so if you want one in particular, you might have to buy several to find one you want. Curses!

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