Saturday, July 22, 2006

Muse at Soma in San Diego

To escape from the nerd tide, my friend Steve and I went to catch the soldout Muse show at Soma in San Diego. It was about a 20 minute cab ride to an area of strip malls near the sports complex. I could have got framing done and dropped the kids at karate class and caught a show.
The club was basically a box, and in this case a sweat box. Wall to wall people! We managed to find a nice position on one of the entry stairwells stage left so we had an elevated view.

This was my first time seeing Muse, and they were pretty impressive. Do the British rock bands come from the same finishing school of music? Their stage presence reminded me of Radiohead and Coldplay shows I've seen the past - very tight, high energy, and stripped down stage show with no fancy tricks- just the performance that mattered.
A highlight was that I was on the edge of a fight. I helped the group pull one guy apart from another guy. That was fun!

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