Sunday, April 16, 2006

Exit Clov, The Soft Complex, and Georgie James at Black Cat

I decided to check out the local DC scene last night, and made a trip to the Black Cat to see Exit Clov, The Soft Complex, and Georgie James. (thanks to DCist)
Georgie James opened up. The band has the ex-drummer of Q and not U, John Davis and singer-songwriter Laura Burhenn. They reminded me of The New Pornographers with a little more groove and a little less pop. I really liked them - bought their demo at the show. Also, best dressed bass player!

The second band was The Soft Complex. My first impression was to laugh. The lead singer had a receding hairline, eyeliner, and a voice like Morissey, and they were accompanied by a cellist with the dress sense of someone's grandma. However, their electro-new wave songs really grooved, and I was definitely moving to their stuff. The lead singer also reminded me of a gay version of the nutter from Prodigy.

Last up were headliners Exit Clov. They seem to have a big following in these parts. They consist of twin chinese girls playing the keyboard, violin, and guitar and singing pop rock songs in unison. (Their parents' music lessons have paid off!) They were backed by 3 white boys on rhythm section and lead guitar. Definitely reminded me of Puffy Ami Yumi, but with more less cheese. They were definitely an Asian fetishists dream band. There songs were catchy, and I liked their cover of the "Little Boxes" song that is used in the opening credits of Weeds.
All in all, I was really impressed by my foray into the local DC scene- the crowd was great. People actually got into all three bands even though they had different styles. Rock on DC!

Exit Clov - "Working Class Hero"

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