Monday, July 03, 2006

Deadwood Season 3 So Far

In the midst of all these recent summer concerts, I've been happily enjoying the new season of Deadwood. I'm happy that so far the episodes have been very Al Swearengen-centric.
His new nemesis, George Hearst, played with such likeable bucolic ruthlessness, by Gerald McRaney, is a great foil to Al's more worldly manipulations. It's good to see McRaney not just being Major Dad or Rick Simon - he can be bad, too.
I'm waiting for the inevitable showdown with either Sheriff Bullock or Dan Dority with Hearst and Turner.
I also like the story of the women in the camp - Alma's fall back in with the laudenum and her odd relationship with Ellsworth, Joanie and Calamity, and Mrs. Bullock budding flirtation with her husband. Each episode can't come soon enough every week.

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