Sunday, April 23, 2006

Wilco at the Starland Ballroom

Friday night, went up to Sayreville, NJ to see Wilco play at the Starland Ballroom- kind of a dive-y concert hall in the middle of nowhere Jersey.
It was a sold out show, and the place was packed wall to wall- a lot of obnoxious Jersey dudes and dudettes who were drunk, pushy and sweaty. I wonder if this was the venue Klaus Nomi opened for Twisted Sister.
Anyways, Wilco sounded great and they remain one of my favorite rock bands I have ever seen. I would have to say they were much better and played longer the previous time I saw them in Flagstaff, AZ last year. Tweedy kept a knit cap on the whole night, made fun of Jersey some, and told one guy in the crowd that he hated him. I heard they might be trying out some new songs from their upcoming record, but I only recall one or two new songs. They played a similar set to the Kicking Television album. Solid.
Thanks to pmbebop for the pictures - I forgot my camera.

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