Sunday, April 23, 2006

Indie Film Saturday

Sue and I killed Saturday while Nick was coaching rowing watching indie movies in Princeton.
We first saw Friends With Money, the new film by Nicole Holofcener. I described this movie to Nick as "a woman's comedy", and lo and behold, I was the only guy in the theater. The movie was really funny - following the lives of 4 female friends - 3 of whom are living affluent successful lives while one woman (Aniston) is a maid - and the men in their lives. It follows the themes in Holofcener's previous films about women finding identity in their work and relationships.
Sue and I then went to go see Brick by Rian Johnson. Great film- it is a classic film noir set in a modern day high school. It has snappy tough guy dialogue, lots of twists, and a femme fatale. Really clever style- it is definitely low budget, but the filmmaker was smart in portraying a lot of events off camera, and the strong script keeps the film compelling. That kid from 3rd Rock From the Sun is the new indie boy, isn't he?

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