Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Stills at Sonar

Last night, Montreal's The Stills played at the Sonar Club in Baltimore.
The opening act was a band from NYC called Favorite Sons. They were a 5-piece with 2 guitarists. I enjoyed the intensity of their first song- the singer was very serious. However, they didn't seem to have much versatility in their songs. All the subsequent songs they did were the same note. The band wasn't very charismatic on stage either. Towards the end of their set, I wasn't enjoying them, and instead spent time checking out girls.
Now, I really enjoyed The Stills first record. It came out a few years ago, and I saw them play Coachella, and they were really good. It looks like the band has changed now- I read the guitarist left, and the drummer took his place as well as taking on the duty of sharing singing with the lead guy. To be honest, even though they played new songs, the songs from the first record were better. I'm not sure if I will get the new record. It's too bad.
I noted that they definitely have a lot of female fans - must be nice to be pretty boys from Montreal.
I tried to head over the the Talking Head to see The Glass Family, an Austin band I've been reading about but I caught the end of their set only- they sounded interesting. Another time.
I decided to grab a late night snack, braving the crowds of drunken twentysomethings in Federal Hill, and I noticed a couple things: 1) a lot of people at the food place had terrible acne, and 2) no matter how expensive or trendy a guy's clothes are, if he looks dorky, he can't hide his dorkiness (it's why i don't bother)

The Stills - "In the Beginning" (kinda boring)

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