Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Miss USA 2006 invades Baltimore

Since, I'm not going to any shows this week - a shocker <, I wanted to discuss the pending Miss USA 2006 Pageant that's coming to Baltimore this Friday on NBC. Hoping to accidentally catch goofy women in sashes roaming West Baltimore, yeah right. Most likely they'll just hang around the harbor.
Anyways, based on the their website, I have handicapped my favorites:
Miss Pennsylvania has the oddest profile photo. I like that. According to her interview she "lights up the room" and the craziest thing she's ever done is skiing the expert slope - you go girl!

Miss Kentucky is just plain hot. She is lacking though in the interview- not much going on for this community college girl who is a model/ student/ waitress- guess which is the primary profession - "can i get more wings?"

Miss Louisiana is my pick for the contender. She's got the state sympathy vote cause of Katrina, but also cause she's pretty darn sexy- an older woman- 26. Zow. She likes to ebay, do yoga, and is well travelled. However, she does like Better Than Ezra - oh well, no one's perfect.

Fake boob alert: Wyoming, Oklahoma, Oregon

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