Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Art Brut and the Rogers Sisters at the Ottobar

Last night, I went to a great show- Art Brut at the Ottobar with The Rogers Sisters opening.
I got there around 9 right when the opening band started. They were a local group called Baby Aspirin - they were ok, still seem to be working on their songs and getting a little tighter. The next group to play were The Rogers Sisters - they were great. They have 3 members: an Asian guy on bass and singing and two women, one on lead guitar and singing and the other on drums.
The band rocked- they have a very New York dance/disco punk sound, and they had a great energy onstage. I had their first 2 records before, and I picked up their new record, The Invisible Deck, at the show. The audience really warmed up to them quickly. I liked how the bass player sometimes would play melody on his guitar while the drummer took over the bass line. Nice. They also knew how to make the music driving - the drummer was like a machine.
Lastly, Art Brut came out. They were awesome - hilarious, full of energy, and charming onstage. They came out and opened with bars from "Enter Sandman"! The lead singer Eddie Argos had the best mustache, and he was really funny. He talked about taking pages from the "Lead Singer's Handbook" by following a hit song with a b-side, with a mixed reaction from the crowd. He then said that he would have to bring it all back by playing the title track of the album. Hilarious to hear him make fun of his own set.
He insisted that everyone at the show go out and start a band. He told everyone to "Stay off the crack!" He even came out and slamdanced with the audience while still singing. At one point, he became embarrassed when an audience member pointed out his fly was down.
There was also a mini-mosh pit up front, and nearly a girlfight when one girl who was moshing had a run-in with another girl. One person was ejected. It should be noted, there were probably only like 60 people there, so all this was really fun because of the scale of the show. I had a great time. My favorites were "Top of the Pops", "Bang Bang Rock 'n' Roll", and "Good Weekend" ("I saw her naked ...TWICE!")

Art Brut - "Good Weekend"
Art Brut - "Bang Bang Rock 'n' Roll (acoustic)"

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