Saturday, April 29, 2006

Eastern Wrestling Alliance house show

Not much to do this evening, so I decided to check out the house show of the Eastern Wrestling Alliace (EWA) in Essex, Maryland. The place was called it's Pain Factory - actually, it was in a fitness center in a strip mall. Small turnout- about 40 or 50 people maybe. Talked to some regulars before the show- I guess bleeding is not allowed in Maryland- too bad.
The show opened with a battle royal for the number one contender spot for the MD championship- too bad, there were no characters for this sorry and fast bout.
One reason I wanted to go was to see the Japanese female wrestler, Sumie Sakai. She was up against a heel, Fate, who played a diva rich girl. The falls were clumsy, but Sumie Sakai got off a moonsault (as pictured), and she won despite Fate's manager, Kylie Pierce, interfering.
Overall, it was an ok show- some of the guys, particularly the faces, were lousy at selling. The crowd was into it which was nice despite the numbers. I dare say, I would go again.
My favorite group were the Legion of Ungood (Goldthumb, Dr. X, and Mr. E Machine) who were 3 guys who had a comedic edge. Hard so say if they were definitely heel or face, but their schtick was funny.

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