Saturday, April 29, 2006

Metalux, Child Abuse, and Sic Alps at True Vine

Last night, I went to True Vine again in Hampden for an interesting show with a diverse lineup. Up first was Metalux. They are a duo of ladies who play electronics, tapes, and some custon instruments made by a guy in Baltimore, no less. They played at opposite sides of the room, and were very good at playing off of each other. I enjoyed them a lot, and it's always interesting to see ladies at these kind of shows.

Second was Child Abuse, a threesome from NYC. They were more thrashy, and reminded me some of Ruins. Loud, fast and fun.

Last up, Sic Alps from SF. They were a duo on drums and guitar playing psychedelic rock. They did a great Soft Machine cover. All in all a good night of music. A weird thing is that two members from two of the bands thought they recognized me. I guess I look like the ubiquitous large Asian dude at the show.

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