Sunday, April 16, 2006

Tranquil Music Night at Lemon Hill

Went tonight to Tranquil Music Night at a space in Baltimore called Lemon Hill, a rowhouse on Howard St next to the light rail line. It felt like sitting in an empty home except with astroturf on the floor. Cool space- you would occasionally hear the train pass or some car with loud boomin', but I liked it. It seemed most of the people there were MICA students.

Started out with a guy called Milk Money - a creepy minstrel, Tom Waits voiced act that got everyone to clap or pound along.
Up second was Wheatie Mattiasich, a young woman who sang old tyme soundin' country songs. She had a beautiful voice, and her songs had a real traditional sound. Occasionally, she had a guy accompanying her as well on a small guitar - I forget what it is called.
She was followed by a singer-songwriter, Andrew Bryant, who was on tour harking from Oxford, Mississippi. He said he worked construction by day, and spent the rest of his time writing songs. He was trying to get all his songs put out, but he only has gotten 2 records and 1 EP out. He was pretty good. I liked a couple cowboy songs he sang, and at one moment, someone outside on the street sang out while he was playing.
Last up was a local group called The Tall Grass. Compared to the other acts I was a little disappointed. They consisted of 3 guys playing guitar, one singing, and another one occasionally playing keyboard and sampling it. The other acts were acoustic, but these guys were all plugged in. I kind of wish they had a bass guitar, and the singer's voice was not very strong. He sounded like Smog, but his voice broke a lot.
All in all, a nice show. I would definitely check it out again. The picture below shows the astroturf. Tapping your feet when you're not wearing shoes and on astroturf is weird. Come to think of it the shot has no socks. Ewww.

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