Friday, April 28, 2006

Martick's, Baltimore French Food

Wednesday night, I went to dinner with my friends, Larry and Kwan. They took me to Martick's, a French restaurant downtown.
When you drive up, it looks like a condemned building. To get in, there is a doorbell, and the maitre'd lets you in. Apparently, the place was a former speakeasy with a large bar inside. The owner/chef was sitting inside and welcomed us in.
The food was good- definite French, but imagine larger portions served at home. We tried the sweet potato soup which was like dessert. I had the lambchops which were really yummy and fatty. I had wanted sweetbreads, but they were out of them. Larry had a yummy Beef Bourgignon, and Kwan had a veal dish. Dessert was porfiteroles - sweet and delicious.

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