Saturday, June 24, 2006

Low Moda, The Tall Grass, and Santa Dads at Wham City

Went to another loft-apartment performance space in Baltimore called Wham City last night. I really admire how this town has all these cool DIY performance spaces. One problem though is as the summer rolls on, no air conditioning makes them like sweatboxes.
Opening was a duo called Santa Dads. They dressed up like Calvin and Hobbes and played ukelele, trumpet and human beatbox. Their set included a lively cover of "YMCA" (of which I think I was the only one doing the arms thing) and a reading of "The Jabberwocky". Fun and lighthearted.
The Tall Grass followed. I saw them before at a Tranquil Music night. I'm still not big on the singer's voice, and I kinda wish their songs were a little better. They seem to have a pretty good sized following in town, but I am still missing the boat on them.
Last up was Low Moda. It turns out, I had seen them when I just moved back to Baltimore last year opening up for Smog at the Ottobar. Additionally, I now know guitarist Christian from just tooling around town.
Last night, I thought they were much tighter, playing with more sense of their sound. Lead singer Peter is a strong vocalist, and I love the staccato rhythms that the rest of the group provides to accompany him. I was pretty darn impressed, and I hope to see more of there gigs in the future. Hopefully, it will be a less humid environment, so people would actually move to the beat more.

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