Friday, June 16, 2006

White Trasherole Night

My cousin is a guest blogger here today:

So after months of smack-talking about who could make the best white trash casserole, the showdown was finally held.

Four entrants:

1) I made a casserole version of the classic Frito pie, opening two bagged ingredients and not one, not two, not even three, but four canned goods -- ground beef was mixed with cream of mushroom soup, refried beans, canned tomatoes, and canned chiles -- topped over Fritos, topped with shredded cheese.

2) Nick went with the classic tater tot casserole - layers of cream of mushroom soup, shredded cheese, ground beef, and taters on top crisped to deliciousness

3) Steph and Pete's started with hashbrowns from a bag, ground beef with a can of something mexican, cheese whiz mixed with the requisite cream of mushroom, tater tots on top, and the finishing touch of cheetos artfully arranged and expertly browned.

4) James was the late arrival with mac and cheese mixed in with whole strips of bacon, sausage that was deep-fried in a beer waffle batter, taters on top, and slices of Velveeta.

Dinesh was called in as the non-biased judge. I will note that I successfully convinced everyone to dress up. Steph and Pete brought 40s from Tren'on. Ho-hos were had for dessert.

D. was asked to judge on the following three criteria: flavor (not "taste" mind you), creativity, and trash value. He very diplomatically awarded 3 prizes: Nick's classic won for flavor, Steph and Pete's for creativity, and mine for trashiness. James took home the saltlick prize for having the most inedibly salty dish.

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