Sunday, June 04, 2006

CocoRosie w/ Spleen and Nomi at Vox Populi

Went with my cousin to see CocoRosie, Spleen, and Nomi at the Vox Populi in Philadelphia. It was on the 4th floor of a building near Chinatown in the back section of an art gallery- reminded me of Floristree but with no couches. Big turnout.
Opening was Nomi, who describes herself as "a union between Wu-Tang Clan’s The RZA on beats and Sade on vocals". She was accompanied by a gentleman on theremin who looked like Klaus Nomi oddly enough. Spleen and Sierra Casady came out to accompany her for some songs. It was alright. I think Nomi wasn't always a woman though.
Following was a French hip hop group led by a guy named Spleen. Spleen was accompanied by a guitarist and a human beatbox who was really good. The beatbox managed to create multiple tone with his nose and throat. I liked Spleen's rap when he mixed it with a scat style, but he was a little too Wyclef when he was on his guitar singing slow songs to seduce the girls.

I last saw CocoRosie at the 1st Unitarian Chruch, but this venue was more intimate. We managed to get right up front, so I was lucky to get such good pictures.
It was funny, since the band uses a projector for images, before they went on, the stage crew set up a light stage left. I was sitting when this happened, but when I stood up, I pretty much blocked the whole light, casting my giant shadow over the stage.
CocoRosie sounded great in this smaller venue. Sierra Casady, who is classically trained, came out in an Indian headress and a creepy mask singing operatically. Her sister, Bianca, sported a drawn on moustache.
Spleen and his human beatbox played in the band, and Nomi came out to sing backup with them for a few songs. Bianca even got all hot and heavy dancing with Spleen onstage. Possibly due to my giant shadow, I wished the band played less in the dark though. They also need to update their projector reel. Still loved seeing them again, especially so close up.

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