Friday, June 23, 2006

Summer Movie Fun

I am taking a break from shows this week, so I thought I'd blog about a few movies I've seen in theaters recently. Of course, I saw the X3 and MI:3 - both of which were better than expected, but I felt that they didn't need discussion beyond that.
I saw The Proposition a few weeks ago. It's an outback western written by Nick Cave starring Guy Pearce as a man sent off on a task to murder his criminal brother. It also features Emily Watson and Ray Winstone (the Sexy Beast guy). I really liked it - it was violent, everyone had bad teeth, and the slightly overexposed look and crazy soundtrack (by Cave and a guy from Dirty Three) reminded me of a 70's film.
Cars is the most recent Pixar film directed by John Lasseter. For some reason, I'm never enthused to see their films, but when I do, I always love them. You must see this in Digital Light Projection if you can! My favorite bits: the Car Talk guys (most people missed this one), Jeremy Piven doing his Ari Gold schtick from Entoutage, the insects are all VW Bugs, Cheech as the Low Rider and Carlin as the VW van, the Cars versions of Pixar films, and Michael Schumacher's appesrance (I don't think many people know who he even is!- he ain't NASCAR or Larry the Cable Guy)
Nacho Libre was also worth seeing. I've had a place in my heart for Lucha Libre since I discovered it in the 90's, and this film captures the frenzy and drama of the sport. Jack Black's Mexican accent is hilarious, the skinny guy is so ugly, and the nun is beautiful. I admire Jack Black for taking on the moves of the Luchadores and selling it without making fun of it at all. There's everything- masks, midgets, and ladies' wrestling. I also loved the soundtrack.

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