Thursday, June 15, 2006

Cat Power with the Memphis Rhythm Band at 9:30 Club

What the hell happened to Chan Marshall? Oh, sobriety!
The last time I saw Cat Power, she was playing the Ottobar last summer, and she was her usual awkward self: hair in her face, slobby, and constantly riding herself for doing a terrible show. However, her songs and voice were, as always, beautiful and brilliant. I do recall her mentioning how she wanted to take another drink to calm her nerves that evening.
At last nights' 9:30 gig- it was an all new Chan: her hair was pulled back, she was dressed nicer, she was wearing makeup, and she danced onstage! Backed by the Memphis Rhythm Band, her songs sounded like old blues, rock, and country standards! They were amazing together.
She did crumble down in the last half of the show when she started criticizing herself, but the band seemed to be her support at times. She played her last few songs alone onstage, and she seemed very disappointed, but the audience tried to cheer her up. She ended the show with a warning no to Tivo The View.
This was the most confident I've seen her. I hope she learns to love herself more in the future.

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