Thursday, June 15, 2006

Camille at La Maison Francaise

Last night, I went to a venue called La Maison Francaise on the grounds of the French Embassy in DC. Interesting place that hosts a lot of events related to French culture. I guess technically I was on French soil last night!
The concert was with Camille, a Parisian, who I heard originally on the Nouvelle Vague record singing "Too Drunk To Fuck" She released an album "Le Fil" where she does a lot of vocal things similar to Bjork's last release.
Live, Camille was great. This is her first American tour. She was very energetic, and her voice was amazing and dynamic. She wore an asymmetrical dress on stage, and her backup band did interesting things like play percussion on themselves and sing in goofy falsettos.
When she sang her song "I'm a Girl", she came down off the stage and put the mic in my face so I could sing the chorus. I am the next American Idol!

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