Sunday, March 18, 2007

Madeline, Pwrfl Power, Wheatie Mattiasich, Adam Lipman, and Mandarin Dynasty

I went to a concert in an apartment at the Copycat last night because I had heard of one of the artists on NPR.
The first person to play was Mandarin Dynasty (Mike) from San Diego. He played a mix of anti-folk with noisy guitar with some re-sampling. I like that he had a a good sense of humor in his lyrics. He finished off a Maddog 20/20 during his set.

Second to play was Adam Lipman. He was ok. His songs seem to focus on angst over women. His singing style was a little out of tune, and he sang one song in Spanish which he clearly was not fluent in. I don't recall his drink.

Third up was local musician, Wheatie Mattiasich. I last saw her a year ago at Lemon Hill. She played acoustic in the dark in an area of the space with a hookah and pillows, and this time, she had another woman harmonizing with her on a few songs. I love the sound of her voice- it's low and reminds me some of Chan Marshall. Her songs remain simple though- they all sound a lot like traditional folk tunes or children's music. I think she only drank water.

Next up was Pwrfl Power, a Japanese guy name Kazu from Seattle. His songs reminded my of some music my cousin's wife, Kayoko gave me on MD years back. He played very whimsical pop tunes about drugs, pets, and being happy with himself. He was a good guitarist, and I also liked that he sang in Japanese as well as English. He drank beer.

Finally, the main act was Madeline from Athens, GA. I really liked her set. She sings folky-pop songs with a little country sound mixed in. She brought along a bass player and drummer. She was drinking Seagram's vodka and "honey" water, but she played a really solid set.
At one point, she decided to sing a song whilst hula-hooping. For some reason, she reminded me of Mary Louise Parker in Weeds- very dry and matter of fact in her persona, but serious when it came to her performance.

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