Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Pogues at the Electric Factory

Despite terrible traffic due to sleet and freezing rain that slowed the way up 95 to Philadelphia to about 35mph, I went to see the Pogues with Shane MacGowan play at the Electric Factory last night. Heck, Shane came out on stage and performed in a wheelchair despite tearing ligaments in his knee a few nights before, I figured it was worth the trek.
Fougoo and Redneckhunter met up with me, and we were lucky enough to position ourselves right up front for the show. We had to bear the very young openers, Starving Goliath, who felt it was kitchsy to sing Elton John's awful Lion King song. Needless to say, the older crowd was not amused.
The Pogues were, like last time in DC, great.
Before they came out, the PA played The Clash's "Straight to Hell", and then the band came out followed out by Shane in a wheelchair.
It was definitely a different set from the other show I saw with them. It was cool to hear some songs performed I had not heard previously.
My favorite songs of the night were "Body of an American", "Rainy Night in Soho", "Dirty Old Town", "A Pair of Brown Eyes", and "Fiesta" (especially watching Spider hit his head with a metal tray).


fougoo said...

My favorite little-heard Pogues song of the evening was "Poor Paddy" sung as an encore. I've always loved the song which is on Red Roses for Me, but I noticed that the singing along decreased - it's not one of their standards.

Also Jaime Fearnley is the only man in the world who can make playing the accordion look sexy!

BrookLEn said...

Oh Shane! I saw them play at last year's St. Patty's Day show in NYC, and they blew my mind. I think they played 'Thousands Are Sailing' twice! He was a bit gimpy at that show as well, as I recall...

Brian said...

Very nice pics. Looks like you had a great spot in front of the stage.

blahblahblah said...

OH the pogues. sigh. So cool.

I came to you via fishes, who is also a Bmoron as am I.

Canst I link you? I love the band review riff thing. My friends own Mobtown you know them too since you are such a music lover?

All your photos are rad.