Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Thermals with The Big Sleep & Statehood at Black Cat

Last night was a great soldout show at the Black Cat with Portland's The Thermals.
Opening up was local group, Statehood. They had a lot of energy. Their sound was very post-punk. They actually reminded me some of Baltimore's Low Moda, but dancier- a lot of driving drums with staccato guitar. I enjoyed their set.
The second act was The Big Sleep from Brooklyn. They were ok- their sound was very rhythmic with a lot of feedback and electronic sounds. It became a little droning after a while - hence their namesake I guess.

The Thermals were pretty amazing live. They played with a incredible amount of energy, and the crowd was going crazy. Lead singer Hutch Harris was really charismatic on stage, and he seemed to really appreciate the excitement of the audience. Also, watching bassist Kathy Foster play was pretty hot- she has this cool mellow attitude to her performance- woo woo.


Anonymous said...

Right you are. Outstanding show. After watching The Thermals on Carson Daily I was apprehensive -- their sound was thin and Hutch seemed nervous and hyped. But energy, noise, great lyrics, yawping good, good, good. I thought maybe his guitar could have amped just a little bit higher -- the leads didn't stand out very much, but that's just a quibble. And none of that excessive stage patter!

Mark said...

I was at the Black Cat last night too, and from the looks of it, just as close as you were. The Thermals blew my fucking mind. I have been borderline obsessed with them for a few years now, and that was an absolutely fantastic show. Great pics.