Thursday, March 29, 2007

Bonde Do Role and DJ Scottie B. at the Ottobar

I was at the Ottobar last night to see Brazilian baile funk act Bonde Do Role play. Usually in Baltimore, there is one guy shooting pictures with a nice SLR camera, but for some reason tonight there were four. I didn't get it.
Baltimore's scene is diverse, but not that huge, and having all these guys shooting and looking up at the front of the stage was pretty annoying.
The first opening act was a local Austrailian transplant The Death Set. They are a duo who sing/yell and play guitars whilst thrashing about. Unfortunately, they are backed by an iPod mini. It plays samples of hip-hop songs and then they sing and play with rather compressed sounding drum and bass parts. It seemed like half the room were already fans while the other half just watched, but I do feel they would do a lot better getting some bandmates to fill out their sound.
They were followed by a DJ set by Scottie B., who is considered one of the early DJ's spinning the Baltimore Club sound. It's like a collage of all kinds of music from Motown to indie music to rap to classic rock mixed over a unrelenting dance beat. It's pretty darn fun to move to- I particularly liked hearing "Money for Nothing". Scottie B. was wearing a shirt dissing on Aaron Lacrate who I thought was crap opening for Lily Allen.
Bonde Do Role followed with a fun and energetic set. They sing and rap in Portuguese to beats sampling AC/DC, Salt N Pepa, and the Grease soundtrack. They told a story about how they were freaked out at having seen John Waters at dinner that day.
The lead singer, Marina, gyrated on stage and reminded me of early Karen O, and I always say, you gotta love a band with a chubby dude- this was the DJ, Gorky.

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