Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Walkmen with The Broken West and Ferraby Lionheart at the Ottobar

Last night I went to the Ottobar to see one of my favorites, The Walkmen, play. Opening up were two groups from LA.
First, a guy called Ferraby Lionheart, who I wasn't really into. He wore a Tom Waits hat and was so skinny that you could see it in his face. He sang so-so folk songs that never really excited the crowd who talked during his set.
The next group was The Broken West, who did a better job of getting the audience attention. They were alright- they reminded me of early Wilco.
I still contend that The Walkmen are one of the best bands to see live right now, and they never fail to disappoint when I see them play. They were amazing. In the Ottobar, especially so because of the intimacy of the venue. Particularly good were performances of "The Rat" and "All Hands and the Cook", and they played several new songs from their upcoming record.

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