Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Ponys, Black Lips, The Films and Blondsai at Ottobar

I went to the Ottobar Friday night for a pretty fun show. First up was local act, Blondsai. They were a garage band with a lead singer sporting a blond beehive and a hot mixed Asian guitarist. They had a lot of energy, but I get the impression they are better when they're more drunk.

The second band was The Films, from South Carolina. They reminded me of Arctic Monkeys some, but not as genuine sounding. They were skinny and dressed right. The young ladies seemed to like them, too. Not my cup of tea.

I think more people were there to see Black Lips than the headliner. They have that disco punk sound that all the kids love, but they have a psychedlic pop sound. They had a little too much fun onstage for my taste.

The Ponys were pretty great to see live again. There new record, "Turn the Lights Out" is a lot more hard rock and punk sounding than the last album. They definitely take inspiration from the 90's Chicago noise sound in their music, and live, they played nice and noisy.

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