Monday, March 12, 2007

The Shins w/ Viva Voce at D.A.R. Constitution Hall

I went to D.A.R. Constitution Hall to see the sold out show with The Shins. It's not one of my favorite venues because the sound is always a bit muddy sounding in the space that's probably more suited to Kate Smith singing "God Bless America" than a rock show.
Opening up was Viva Voce- a two piece who were alright, but probably are better appreciated in a small club than this space. Unfortunately, half the audience was in the lobby during their set.
I've seen The Shins in smaller venues, and watching them, I felt curious as to why the band, now 10 years old, still had some weak moments in their set. Honestly, "New Slang" sounded really sloppy.
I did like a few of the songs from the new record though. However, the concert was a little disappointing. I think they are better in medium sized clubs rather than these large halls.

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