Thursday, December 21, 2006

Year End Lists - My Top 10 Records of 2006

This is going to be tough. I don't know if I can subscribe to ranking these albums this way, but what the heck.
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1. Joanna Newsom - Ys
-gotta admit, I love her voice and her pretentiously long songs - so bleah to all you haters

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2. Scott Walker - The Drift
-"that's a swanky suit" - another difficult listen for the normals, but when did I ever say I was normal.

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3. Beirut - Gulag Orkestar
-his voice is like a straight man's Rufus Wainwright with backing by A Hawk and a Hacksaw, one of my favorite bands.

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4. Cat Power - The Greatest
-I love Chan's voice, and the pairing with the Memphis Rhythm Band is great.

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5. Peter Bjorn and John - Writer's Block
-Swedish pop- it's all for the kids!

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6. Destroyer - Destroyer's Rubies
-I am glad more people are listening to Dan Bejar, but he does fall into the acquired taste music I fawn over.

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7. Camera Obscura - Let's Get Out of This Country
-They carry the twee torch that Belle & Sebastian are slowly moving away from.

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8. Girl Talk - Night Ripper
-Philly has Diplo and now Girl Talk - DJs I actually care about.

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9. The Knife - Silent Shout
-More Swedes that the kids are crazy over. You just gotta dance!

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10. Susanna & The Magic Orchestra - Melody Mountain
-Better than Nouvelle Vague and weirder covers - KISS, Leonard Cohen, AC/DC

Noted reissues:
Karen Dalton - It's So Hard to Tell Who's Going to Love You the Best
Hermine - The World on My Plates
The Orchids reissues
Josef K - Entomology
This Heat - Out of Cold Storage
White Mice - s/t
Rita Lee - Hoje é o Primero Dia do Resto de Sua Vida


lickingpants said...

I take issue with beirut, cat power and the knife.

1000yregg said...

i hope you send me a 2006 cd mix this year mr lickingpants.

mejssa said...

I retract all negative comments against Ms. Newsom: I now embrace (love) her and her shrill wee voice. (And, honestly, if I can put up with Doughty, Claypool, Malkmus, or Onuki, what the hell be wrong with me?!)

mejssa said...

I question the lack of Can in your Noted Reissues section. Then again, the Web can only hold so many bits...

Peace and Love,