Monday, December 11, 2006

The Wire 4.13 - Final Grades

Whew, what a season - The Wire finished it's fourth season last night with a fantastic episode filled with a lot of heartbreak sprinkled with a teeny-tiny bit of hope.
The stories of the four boys all came to an end with very mixed results.
I loved seeing McNulty giving another shot at real police work. I also liked seeing the reappearance of the Greek's man with Prop Joe. Poor poor Bubs.
The parallels of Carcetti's political career with that of our future Governor and outgoing Mayor O'Malley are really interesting.
My favorite scene was with Bodie and McNulty in the park and how the sunlight seemed to darken for a moment- it was beautiful and sad.
I wonder when they'll start filming in town for the new season. . .

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