Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Ex with DJ Rupture and Low Moda at the Ottobar

Monday night, I went to the Ottobar to see art punk rockers, The Ex play.
Opening up was Baltimore's Low Moda. This local post-punk band just released a record on their own label, Creative Capitalism, called Gospel Store Front. It's worth checking out.
They definitely are tighter and tighter each time I see them play.
Next up was DJ Rupture. I have a few of his mixes, some of which can be really interesting listening to. Live, as with most DJs, he was kind of boring to watch cuing up records and adjusting levels. I was also disappointed that he had to appeal to the crowd and played "Sexy Back" and "Crazy" to "pump up" the audience. Zzzz.
I saw headliners, The Ex, play at the Touch & Go Anniversary festival in the late summer. At that show, the guitarist bled all over his guitar.
At the Ottobar, they rocked!
Even sans bassist, they sounded loud and driving. It was also pretty awesome that the Ottobar audience were really into the band.

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