Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Diplo at The Talking Head Club

So, unfortunately, at the end of the year, Baltimore's Talking Head Club (formerly The Ottobar) is shutting down for good because of the building being sold.
It's the club where I've seen a lot of "Freak Folk" acts like Vetiver, Espers, Josephine Foster, and Six Organs of Admittance as well as great smaller indie groups like The Ponys, Jason Forrest, and JOMF.
They have a pretty interesting lineup for their last couple weeks of shows.
Tonight, was the final night for Taxlo's Taxidermy Lodge- it's put on by a local group of DJs, but the highlight was an appearance by Diplo from Philly.
He was pretty awesome - he did a lot of his mixes with Baile Funk as well as Dancehall, but he also included a lot of great 80's classics. He also knew when to leave a song alone and to let some of them just play. Such was the case with "Gigantic" and "Under Pressure"
Things I learned about dance music tonight:
1. Daft Punk is such a force of current dance music, it's not funny.
2. The 80's ruled! - I knew this already I guess
3. Baltimore dance parties are pretty damn awesome because of the diversity of people attending.

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