Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Why Pitchfork is Stupid, Pt. 4,352

So Pitchfork, in their esteemed wisdom reviewed the reissue of Vince Guaraldi's Charlie Brown Christmas album, and what do you know, it got an 8.3!?!

Good grief - how can this timeless classic album be rated lower than albums by The Pipettes, Chavez, and The Hold Steady.

Incidentally, I was talking to a booker for one of DC's venues, and she said that the so-called "pitchfork effect" was making it harder for the booking of bands because internet virtual hype inflated the prices of touring bands - even with acts who had no prior tour experience. I do worry when a select few become tastemakers for the public - the new payola is online.

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mejssa said...

A bit weak considering this is the very embodiement of Christmas music for anyone between age 28-40 (and that is probably conservative.)

Its like saying Take Five by Brubeck is okay jazz.