Monday, December 04, 2006

David Lynch's Inland Empire

I had the opportunity to see David Lynch and his newest film Inland Empire this weekend in New York.
I loved the movie- it was scary and emotional. The byline says the film is about "a woman in trouble." David Lynch came out before the film and introduced a trumpeter who opened the film with a short piece. Afterwards, Laura Dern and Justin Theroux joined Mr. Lynch onstage for a Q&A.


InMyTree said...

I'm a huge Lynch fan. That must have been unreal. Everything about Inland Empire is completely polar: reviews, interpretations, etc. I guess we have come to expect that from Mr. Lynch.

I am looking forward to catching this movie...

1000yregg said...

Seeing Lynch in person was, as he would put it, "a beautiful thing." I could listen to him speak about things forever. He is definitely one of only a few people I truly admire.