Thursday, December 08, 2005

My Commute Home (Baltimore)

So one huge plus about moving back to Baltimore is that I get to walk to and from work. This evening, aside from the usual homeless person in a giant parka, schoolkids, and early happy hour folk, I encountered some cool items that really put me in a "Baltimore is Charm City" mood, Hon!

I was near a bar called Mum's on Hanover St. when this sign was laying on the sidewalk. Not sure if they meant "Parking" as in for Ravens home games, but I like "Porking" as a possible warning to people stumbling by.

As I entered to the alley behind my house, I came upon this rat- it was huge - about 9 inches long - I occasionally see them scurry in the alley when I am parking my car at night. Ah, the city. . .

Then, I had to take out the garbage and next to the can, I saw this. That's hot. I love B'more!

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