Wednesday, December 14, 2005

More Weeds

So, my favorite new show in the last 4 months was Showtimes's Weeds starring Mary Louise Parker, Elizabeth Perkins, and Kevin Nealon. It also has the black guy from The 40 Year Old Virgin. It's about a recently widowed woman living in a large housing association in SoCal who has to deal weed to support her family. There is an aspect of dark humor to the show as she is trying to raise her sons as well as carving out her "turf" in the community with the help of her flaky brother, her suppliers' son, and her customers. I am really glad they announced today that it is renewed for a second season. The three Golden globe nominations may have helped, too.
It is so much better than the most recent crap on HBO, Rome, which I basically gave up on early and only watched for T&A and gore for the rest of their predictable season (omigosh, Caesar gets killed). Also, not so full of itself as Arrested Development- cancel it already for god's sake.

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