Thursday, December 08, 2005

Food in Baltimore

Amazing, this is a text only post to my blog. Having only moved back to Baltimore for about three months now, I have only started to venture into the realm of local restaurants in town.
So far, my favorite place is the SoBo Cafe, which is also only two blocks walk from my house - it is, simply, comfort food done up. They have got a knockout enormous slab of macaroni and cheese, chicken pot pie, a good mobtown strip with gorgonzola on top, and meat muffins and mashed potatoes (a meatloaf variant). It's a great joint to swing by after work sometimes because everything is simple but with added flourishes of gourmet invention and occasional interesting spicings. One time, in the late summer, they had Klondike bars for dessert. I just couldn't resist.
Another great neighborhood place for me is the Thirsty Dog Pub. It's a bar that overlooks the presence of large dogs running around the place. They primarily serve unique personal sized pizzas again with a slight gourmet flair. They have a delicious hearts of palm salad, and most nights beers are two for one. I need to go to this place more often.
Last night, I finally ventured into the Canton neighborhood to eat. Canton, when I was growing up in Baltimore, was only factories and warehouses. In recent years, its become a place to pub crawl, club and eat. I went with friends to Birches restaurant, and had a great time. They, much like SoBo, have a menu based in the idea of comfort food, but they add their own special touches. I had a cup of their Chili Con Carne. My tablemates got another spectacular macaroni and cheese with panzo crumbs, it was creamy yet had a definite aged cheese aspect to it. It was perfect for the cold night. Now, I so sometimes crave a good turkey burger (my favs are at Big Nick's in NYC and Fatburger), and last night I was compelled to order Birches version which was dripping in cheese and served on an English muffin. To finish, I had an Irish Coffee creme brulee that must have been made with 9 egg yolks not 5 - so rich - and with a splash of green food coloring on the whipped cream.
Now leaving Vegas restaurant scene was hard- I already miss places like Bonito Michoacan (Mexican), Ichiza (Japanese - not sushi), Pho So 1, Ocha, Archie's, Bradley Ogden, Nobu, Bouchon, and In-n-Out, but things in Charm City are optimistic. I also need to plan a few trips to DC and Philly as well. Out.

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