Thursday, December 01, 2005

Thoughts on Sydney

Sydney has been great. Today, we actually went to the opening of Resfest2005 in Newtown with a showing of shorts by the Swedish group Traktor - it was funny, but most were commercials.
As this trip to Sydney comes nearly to a close, I wanted to list things I will miss:
1. "No Worries" the reassuring words every Australian says to you
2. the handy look left and right indicators for the idiot tourists who don't get the left side of the road action.
3. boobies (see previous post)
4. meat pies, fish & chips - next time i come back i will look for kangaroo steak and emu tartare
5. seeing the opera house every day - it's an amazing piece of architecture
6. Bondi Beach (not just cause of boobies)
7. 7 Eleven done right - they are like the Japanese and HK counterparts.
8. crazy ass money - i like the see through plastic parts
9. liberal thinking- went to the chemists today and talked to the guy there about how they can freely give the morning after pill without a prescription- sensible family planning.
10. spending time with friends from high school (awwww - barfy)

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