Sunday, November 20, 2005

Walk the Line

My weekly cheesecake was inspired by Walk the Line which I saw tonight with my parents, who haven't been out to a movie in years. A good biopic is hard to find i say- they fall into the trap of being episodic - see Ray as a perfect example - here is Ray being discovered, here is Ray tricking those bad record execs, here is Ray standing up to racism, here is Ray writing Hit the road jack, etc - a boring formula with no real satisfactory climax.
Anyways, Walk the Line is pretty darn good. Joaquin is amazing - instead of an impersonation like Jamie Foxx did, Joaquin captures the essence of Cash somehow and he sings all the songs. Back to cheesecake, the super hot Shelby Lynne plays JC's ma - there are rumors she is a closeted lesbian, but who really cares. She sure can sing, too.

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