Saturday, November 26, 2005

First night in Sydney

Had a pleasant flight on Qantas from LA - I was lucky to get a whole side row to myself. Watched Dark Water (crap), Valiant (crap), and Wedding Crashers on the individual entertainment system and ate salmon and chicken curry (yum) on board. I arrived in Sydney at 11pm. Immigration was no sweat - the passport guy seemed really nice- he said, "Cheers mate" when we were done.
When I got to the hotel, I roused a sleeping Keith, and we walked up George St., the main drag, where we were checking out the drunk and pretty before we got to a late night place, Pancakes. I had the chocolate pancake with oranges and Grand Marnier - they make them a little drier than in the US, but it was tasty nonetheless. Also, had a side of English style bacon- really yummy and greasy.
We then checked out the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge ( the little things flying are the flying foxes!).

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Len Small said...

Nice to wake your friend up and make him tour the city (buddy, I know how that feels)! But the flying foxes are fascinating...