Friday, November 25, 2005

LA Thanksgiving

I was in LA for Thanksgiving visiting my friends Lisa and Dan in Hollywood. My friends Matt and Beth came in from Portland as well, and Lisa's mom, Karen, and her brother, Steve were there as well. Ahh, to be able to sit outside in 70 degree weather on Thanksgiving - nice.

Dan was successful in making his very first turkey- an organic free range number brined in Coke with a cooked in the bird cornbread stuffing- outstanding. I helped some to mince the bird's liver and make some gravy from the tasty drippings, Lisa made a delicious blueberry crumble, and her mother brought some amazing homemade rolls and pumpkin pie. Our only vegetable - broccoli casserole.
After dinner, we adjourned to Dan and Lisa's large couch and vegged out/napped while watching War of the Worlds and arguing over Serenity.
Thanks west coast friends!

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